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The ideal of Europe becoming one central market has lead to an increasing demand of properties for sale abroad. Buying a property abroad has become an accessible dream for many people since they are allowed to move around the EU without borders. House for Sale is the first real estate network that focuses on the property market within the European Union. House for sale is your partner when looking for properties for sale within the EU by bringing together both buyers and sellers through our website.

Many people choose to buy a home abroad in southern Europe to life during wintertime and renting out their real estate when they are not there during the summer. This popular construction of renting out their property in the holiday season makes their dream of owning a second home abroad affordable. With this group of buyers off plan houses for sale are the most popular. Others choose to escape the hectic life they have been living by starting a new way life all together. A more laid back life that will bring them more time to enjoy life living in a better climat. This means they have to make an income in their new home country wich can be quite an adventure. Running bed and breakfast, restaurant, pub or offering touristic facilities in the countryside are the most common heard ways of generating a income abroad. House for Sale offers the opportunity to search for these kind of properties. There is also a quite new group of people that choose to life abroad. These are the people that work and make an income over the internet and therefore are not tide to a location but are flexible in choosing the country to have their (home)office. Expectations are that this group of people looking for properties abroad will grow over the comming years. To wich ever group you belong House for Sale gives you an insight of properties for sale by owners and agents. Property owners and agens can list their properties at House for Sale. Usefull information about listing can be found at listing property. You can start your search by using the search properties box on the left. or you can start your search by using the interactive map of Europe box and gives you other usefull information to shape your living abroad dream.

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